About Cryptomeda
Cryptomeda is a gaming ecosystem that blends one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles, DeFi mechanics, and crypto characters into an exciting sci-fi world. Players of all experience levels can explore Cryptomeda and find various opportunities to earn.
Opportunities include earning staking rewards, finding rare collectibles, winning prize pools, receiving airdrops, or acquiring an ultra-rare Revolution card; traversing the world of Cryptomeda is both fun and highly rewarding. All economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency β€” TECH tokens, which enable trade and commerce within the platform to tie the world together.
Games in development: Medawars, Medashooter, Meda runner
Launched game: Meda Shooter
Cryptomeda Ecosystem: Marketplace, Staking platform, Cross-game NFTs, Games
Utility Token: $TECH
Network: Polygon
Initial raise: $2.7Mil

Our Vision

Cryptomeda was born with the intent to grow into a large and continually evolving ecosystem, complete with a play-to-earn model and a number of cross-game NFTs with the intent to revolutionize an NFT gaming sector.
  • Unique gaming metaverse platform on Polygon
  • Gaming studio - web/mobile games, NFT utilization, VR/AR implementation
  • Community cooperation and interaction
  • NFT Cross-game collaborations with other gaming platforms
  • Engage a gaming audience and projects outside the crypto-space
  • Innovative approaches, expansion of our ecosystem



Meda Wars is Cryptomeda’s title game. It’s a play2earn turn-based strategy mobile game set in a sci-fi world. The game has 2 modes. Conquer mode, in which you have PVE combat gameplay where you can conquer territories in monthly faction battles, play quick tournaments, complete quests, and climb the leaderboard of the best players. In Empire mode, you can utilize lands to mine resources, build your empire and cooperate or fight against other players. The game is scheduled to release in June 2022!
Game will be available for Android and iOS.
Status: In Development, Demo released in March 2022.


MedaShooter is an infinite side scroller game where you play as a Hero fighting the horde of swarm enemies. MedaShooter is already playable on our webpage.
Status: Released, NFTs implemented, P2E feature in development


NFT cards obtained from staking, rewards or bought on the marketplace can be used in all Cryptomeda Games and can be sold on our Marketplace. NFTs have a solid impact on the gameplay. NFT characters and weapons in MedaWars have utility inside of MedaShooter as well as in all other planned games. NFT types: Heroes, Weapons, and Lands.


Your number one place for trading Cryptomeda NFTs on the Polygon network.
The current problem that NFT marketplaces face is a large number of fake copies. The user must be very careful not to fall for any scam, all of which are basically worthless. Our marketplace solves this problem. Only cards issued by Cryptomeda will be available here. We guarantee that no replicas will be displayed in this marketplace. This will ensure that all transactions made within our marketplace are trustworthy.
Features: Trade NFTs with $TECH, Bidding, Merging, NFT Launchpad.
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