Together we stand, Together we fall.
The faction with the order and strict laws. Society is transparent, shares divided fairly and the main goal is to have stability and safety. Lessons learned from a homeland on Earth, that nature, resources, and social growth needs to be in balance and humanity’s greed in check. Nature and technology work together to bring peace and prosperity to all in Cryptomeda. A strict system and lack of true freedom can be sometimes limited, if brave souls who seek adventure beyond the borders, can lead to harsh punishment and penance.
  • Democracy: Freedom of speech, no censorship
  • Each individual has his own place in society that is determined
  • Stability and Order
  • Economical transparency but not political
  • United nation
  • If you go on Goliath Mission: you will get a reward, but everything you bring is property of the state
  • Each individual based on prediction, tests will have a set the course of his work and place in society. Individuals will have a secure position in the state but lack options, their fate is more determined.
  • Equality, you will always have enough not to be sure, but not enough to arise among others in the same social level.
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