Born from Conflict, true to nature!
Individuality and power are the driving forces of separatists from Goliath, who don’t solve issues with petty politics, but strength. Raiding, scavenging supplies, and Meda energy to expand territory and influence. It was the politics and human greed, that ended the life of Earth. Renegade believes in-laws of a natural cycle, the strongest devour the weak and ill. In order to grow in strength, conflict is necessary.
Renegades often battle between themselves in times when unity is needed most and forget that forgiveness and mercy can lead up to a brighter future.
  • Democracy: Freedom of speech, no censorship, multiple rulers
  • Political transparency but not economic ( Unstable economics, not united country but spread to clans, strongest wins)
  • Status is not earned by the amount on your account, but with courage and strength
  • If you are on a mission from Renegades, you can take most of the goods for yourself and your clan.
  • Renegade represents a wild card in society, you can have everything if you are brave and firm, but you can lose everything if you don’t watch your back
  • Life without limits, but dangerous
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