Conquer Mode
At the heart of Meda Wars is the Conquer Mode, where players defeat their enemies to conquer territories on the map through PvE (Player vs Environment) combat battles, pitting forces from the Renegade Nation, Goliath Nation, and Swarm Entity against each other. Players choose between joining Renegade or Goliath (Swarm is an unplayable side) and winning battles and conquering on behalf of their nation.
By winning PvE combat, players earn resources that can then be used for crafting NFT weapons, re-rolling abilities, weapon upgrades, or even building structures in the later stages of Meda Wars. Meda Heroes are able to equip themselves with ranged and melee weapons that have unique abilities and initiatives that will create a character that is distinct from others in the game. Upon defeating the enemy through combat, fulfilling quests, or leaderboard placements, players will be rewarded with Meda Gas, an in-game currency used for all activities in Meda Wars. Meda Gas can be additionally bought with TECH tokens or FIAT by a credit card. With this solution, players don’t need to use Metamask in order to buy Meda Gas.
At the end of the month, the winning faction will earn faction rewards which will motivate players to conquer as many territories as possible. The best of these players will be rewarded through their positions on a player leaderboard. Along with monthly rewards, there will be daily and weekly quests to motivate players to earn even more. On top of that, crafted weapons can be sold on the marketplace to get additional income.
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