NFT usage
NFT cards obtained from staking will have a solid impact on the Medawars gameplay.
NFT Heroes — In-game usage
Each NFT hero you are holding has randomly generated attributes and abilities useful in your gameplay.
As you can see each NFT hero has 3 basic stats — security (damage), anonymity (critical damage), innovation (critical chance) are added to your character stats.
There is one active perk and a passive perk per card. In-game you will be able to only have 1 card acts as a primary, active perk from the primary card will be usable in-game.
What if I have multiple NFT cards?
Primary card active perk will stay active + passive perks from other cards.
Card synergy
If you are holding characters from the same faction, there will be synergies available for them to use. If you are Goliath, but you own Renegade cards, they will have a standard function as mentioned above.
NFT heroes are alive in-game with you and serve as your companions. Players can send them on missions to mine various resources or conquering territories through PvE combat.
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