About $TECH token

Utility Token

$TECH is an ERC20 utility token powering the entire Cryptomeda ecosystem on the Polygon network. TECH tokens enable trade and commerce within the Cryptomeda platform.
$TECH token is an in-game currency that will be implemented and used in all Cryptomeda games, increasing its utility and usability with the platform's growth.

Staking and Farming

Lock Cryptomeda tokens in the staking pools and enjoy benefits:
  • TECH rewards through balanced APR
  • weekly NFT hero lottery
  • additional special airdrops - NFT weapons, lands, meda gas
  • unique gaming benefits


$TECH token is currently the only currency accepted in the Cryptomeda marketplace, used for every NFT purchase. The marketplace works on the Polygon network, allowing fast and cheap transactions.


$TECH is audited by Certik: