About Meda Wars
Meda Wars is Cryptomeda's Play-and-Earn turn-based strategy mobile game set in a sci-fi world for Android and iOS. Choose a faction to play, equip Cryptomeda NFTs, and conquer territories on the map through PvE combat. Compete against other players and earn in-game resources, NFTs, or TECH tokens.
Players choose between joining Renegade or Goliath (Swarm is an unplayable side) and winning battles and conquering on behalf of their nation.
At the heart of Meda Wars is the Conquer Mode, where players defeat their enemies to conquer territories on the map through PvE (Player vs Environment) combat battles, pitting forces from the Renegade Nation, Goliath Nation, and Swarm Entity against each other.
By winning PvE combat, players earn resources that can then be used for crafting NFT weapons, re-rolling abilities, weapon upgrades, or even building structures in the later stages of Meda Wars.
The main goal of Meda Wars is to achieve mass adoption by lowering barriers for non-crypto users while keeping the NFT concept attractive to the crypto community. That is why we created a unique solution - Players are able to equip, upgrade, merge and burn NFTs without the Metamask interaction within the Meda Wars app.
Meda Wars is released as a “Soft launch” (August 2022)
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