Empire Mode
Buy, Own, Rent, and Earn profit with NFT Lands in MedaWars.
MedaWars is designed as a mobile game that leverages PvE combat mode; however, this is only one of the types of gameplay that a player may choose to engage in. Unlocking one’s more adventurous side, Empire mode, in which players will have a chance to mine resources, build structures and upgrade their creations along the way to create an enormous empire. For perspective, we often liken this form of gameplay to a combination of command and conquer, dune, starcraft, and heroes of might and magic.
Although owning land is not a must, it will unlock a series of new features and earning opportunities that will only elevate the Cryptomeda experience. Among them include the option to retrieve resources from a player’s land, which can be used to build and upgrade structures in your base, or craft weapons for use in MedaWars and any of our other games. Weapons will be tradable on the marketplace to get additional income. In contrast, players who do not own land will be required to pay fees to the landowner, although they can still utilize NFTs and explore the Cryptomeda galaxy.
10800 land plots (hexagons) exist in the Cryptomeda galaxy. Interested parties can purchase tickets, each of which will represent the lands available in gameplay with details on the rarity (varying from Common to Legendary), plot size (1,3 or 7), and type (desert, arctic, volcano, or forest). Lands are currently available only through Cryptomeda lootboxes on the marketplace.
Players will also come across several structures across the Cryptomeda galaxy that not only add to the fun gameplay but also enable many additional utilities. Here are a few for reference:
Portal: A structure that enables quick travel from the Meta world
Craft house: a location where players can produce and upgrade weapons.
Silo: A location for users to store resources.
Obelisk: The place for users to find secret locations and decode receipts.
Sanctuary: Manage and create guilds, events, and tournaments.
Radar: Where players can see statistics and valuable information.

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