About Meda Shooter

Short Description

Meda Shooter is an endless side-scroller game with play-to-earn elements. Use Cryptomeda NFTs to make your character more powerful and earn higher scores.

Full Description

A long time from now, in a galaxy not too far away...
Transport yourself to Cryptomeda, the galaxy created by and made of the exotic substance known as Meda. Heroes rise and fall for the cause of the fractured society divided into two sides: Goliath and Renegade. Once they were brothers, but now sworn enemies. While these two sides fight for control of the Cryptomeda galaxy, another threat looms on the horizon. The mysteriously dark force known only as Swarm is rising and now it’s your turn to take the roll of hero and fight Swarm enemies in this endless side-scroller known as Meda Shooter.
Take up your side’s mantle to fight against the rising Swarm that has vowed to dominate the galaxy and destroy both the Goliath and Renegade nations. Using incorporated NFT weapons and in-game NFT heroes, players can boost their own hero, earn TECH points to gain perks, and compete in the Cryptomeda Meda Shooter tournament. The top 12 players from the qualification round play off in a streamed weekend battle for Meda Shooter supremacy with prizes from the top spot and all the way down to 50th place.
Play Meda Shooter immediately without the help of NFTs. Or, use Cryptomeda NFTs to make your character more powerful and earn higher scores on the leaderboard. Acquire NFTs through the weekly lottery in the staking pools, by winning them in Meda Shooter tournaments, or by directly buying them on the marketplace!
Our goal is to provide quality entertainment and products to our players. We will continuously upgrade Meda Shooter to create one of the most enjoyable p2e games on the market. Future improvements will include skins for all NFT Heroes, 1v1 (PvP) combat, melee weapons implementation, new weapons, bosses, animations, UX/UI updates, bug fixing, android and iPhone apps, and game balance done in cooperation with our great community.