Prepare to utilize TECH tokens, NFTs, and your strategies. New updates will be coming right after.
After the launch of Meda Wars, the Cryptomeda team will continue to update and balance the game together with community cooperation through voting and feedback on Discord. We see Meda Wars becoming a premier game on the NFT market and in general. Conquer mode will be a priority with updates on a regular basis. Following that, the next step will be PvP tournaments with different structures bringing more options for earning rewards. Competitive players will be looking to measure their skill and strength against other players. In Empire mode, NFT lands will be fully utilized to maximize benefits in Meda Wars by building an empire. Landowners will be getting resource production, NFT airdrops, and even finding secret treasures. Additional earning possibilities will include NFT staking, having ads on the land, earning through clans, and much more. We already have an eye on the future where Meda Wars will be a part of our huge fantasy metaverse, known as MedaVerse. Players will be able to experience the Meda world in ‘real life’ through VR, check all their NFTs, interact with other players, view the marketplace, and get access to all VR features of Meda Wars to explore the MedaVerse fully.
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